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The Drinking Game You Should Be Playing Right Now

Wooo! Drinking! Woooo!

Wooo! Drinking! Woooo!

If there’s anything I like more than drinking, it’s drinking with people.   And if I can claim victory over those same people after playing ridiculous drinking games, then my night is made.  Beer pong, Kings, Asshole, Power Hour Movie Trivia, Landmines, and especially Relay are all drinking games that are made more enjoyable when you can cruch your opponents into small balls of wasted shame.



Of course, new games are always welcome and for my money, the best ones are the ones that involve lots of people, some sort of moving object, and an moderate physical activity.  Really gets you pumped up to go out and continue drinking much too much alcohol.

So, you can guess how excited I was when I discovered this video(via Vimeo):


You’re Welcome.

Now, before you start with the whining lets just get some things out of the way.

  • Yes, I know the game is being played by a bunch of hipsters.  That doesn’t mean its a hipster game.
  • No,  I do not know where you are going to get a bunch of ping pong paddles and a table
  • What do you mean you don’t have 5 friends to play this with?  Beer exists so you can MAKE friends.
  • Yes, I want to have been playing this game since yesterday as well.

So get out there, rig yourself a table(beer pong table with a net made of solo cups?), make yourself some paddles(old hardback textbook cover?), get some friends over(Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist if you’re desperate) and get smashing drunk.


To the confusion of our enemies!  May they forever be skunked.

To the confusion of our enemies! May they forever be skunked.


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