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7 Steps to Success: Crash a High School Reunion

Long time, no post.

It looks like Hand Banana broke the silence a few months ago…..time for your good pal Bruno Sardine to get back to this whole posting of articles in a blog format.  CHEERS!

happy dance

A few things of note before we get started:

  • We tried the Twitter thing for a while.  It was fun but incredibly stressful for some reason.  Information streaming from all directions.  I have always dabbled in Twitter, but have never become a full blown user.   When I tried, I failed big time.  Anyhow, we are retiring the Twitter account until we find someone worthy of managing it.  I suck at Twitter.  #LOSER
  • Most of our posts seem to be rants about stuff that bothers us.  At first I was troubled by this, but then realized that is essentially why 99% of blogs exist.  It’s fun to make fun of things!  The whole saying of “making fun” is essentially that:  FUN!  Pointing out the shortcoming of others DOES bring joy to our lives!  And furthermore (Susan), the biggest part of learning awesome is knowing what is not awesome.
  • We are terrible people.

Back to the post!  I started writing this a while back during our never-ending winter, so some of the information is a little dated.  #apologies (also, did I mention I suck at Twitter?)

//Clears Throat

Hello friends of awesome.  I must say, it’s nice to be back on a binge of this thing we call life.  The sun is shining and the birds are chirping.  As east coast dwellers, we begin to witness the annual two-week period of people not complaining about the weather.  Life is pretty good.

This weeks episode is a helluva trip and one of our personal favorites.  A few years ago, the movie Wedding Crashers came out.  Wait…SHIT…..that was 9 years ago.  Fucking time, I swear.  All this talk of sequels to Anchorman and Dodgeball is throwing me off.  Anyhow, most people enjoyed Wedding Crashers.  Wedding Crashing quickly became all the rage.  Every bro’d out dude wanted to try it.  I think about 12 actually did.

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