Posted in February 2013

Goats Yelling Like Humans

Not sure if this is a bona fide internet sensation yet, but holy hell is it funny.  Google “Goats Yelling Like Humans” or click the youtube link below:


An animal that yells like a disgruntled movie director AND eats tin cans all day long?

Goats are fucking great.

//  hears from “haters” that goats don’t actually eat tins cans
//  plans to prove them wrong


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The Gang Stays Classy in Atlantic City

I'm coming for that takes all my money...

I’m coming for you…place that takes all my money…

I have no idea what time it was. Being up for 25-ish hours in Atlantic City drinking heavily and gambling tends to warp your sense of reality. I think the adrenalin from the lack of sleep was the only thing still fueling us. That and the booze. We are sitting in what I think was Caesars Casino at a random back bar. Myself and Bruno Sardine had brought our very good and very drunk friend to this bar to get him away from the craps table. He had been losing horribly and is a notorious jinx. He was nursing a large glass of complementary whiskey and making us a business proposition. It went like this:


Charlie: “Can you guys sell it?”

Us: “Sell what?”

Charlie: “YES OR NO!”

Like this but without the socks on the cat

Like this but without the socks on the cat

The “proposition” ended up being Charlie reiterating the same disjointed point for what felt like forever while making angry gestures with his drink. It went nowhere. I tried to write down some of the stranger comments for your reading pleasure. Here’s one:


Charlie: “I just need you guys to help me sell it”

Us: “You still haven’t told us what we’re selling!”



Also, while addressing myself and Bruno:


Charlie: Bring it in. (we are sitting within 3 feet of each other)

Bruno: /Leans in

Me: Don’t make me do stuff.


Me: /Leans in as well

Charlie: /holds up pointer finger. Is my finger up?

Us: …Yes

Charlie: GOOD. Now you know that this is important.

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5 Reasons Mumford & Sons are the New Dave Matthews Band


It finally happened.

Fans of mediocre college-rock:  a new successor to the Dave Matthews Band throne has been named….

Mumford & Sons, Brah!


In today’s article, we expose the scary reality that Mumford & Sons are indeed the new Dave Matthews Band (DMB).   Sorry OAR….you came oh so close!

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Deep Thoughts from the Beach

So my family has taken a vacation to the same beach every year since I can remember.  It’s not a well known beach but it’s tradition and we love it.  My sister and I once chose going to this beach over going to Disney.  Wasn’t even a hard choice as I recall.  It was between standing in long lines in a parking lot or sitting on the beach and playing mini golf while eating fresh seafood each night.  This was not Sophies Choice.  Anyway, this year I found myself sitting on our back porch drinking a beer and writing down some assorted thoughts.  These are those thoughts, in no particular order.

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